The buyer can withdraw the order and return the goods within a 5 days from the moment of receiving the product.

For order recall and return processing, it is necessary by filling out the order cancellation form with the justification of the refusal on the attached one. To comply with the return period, it is sufficient to send the goods in time. The return is made at the expense of the sender (buyer). Returned goods should be sent to the return address.

The Buyer has no right to perform actions on the product that are provided solely for the performance of the manufacturer or authorized persons. In particular, such actions include opening devices, removing warranty seals and serial numbers, as well as any ways of circumventing such protection measures against the product of unauthorized actions over goods, products and devices.

Order of cancellation of an order

In case of cancellation of the order, the Buyer undertakes to return the received goods at his own expense.

In the event that the subscriber of the company HD Zona can not return the goods in their original condition, then he must compensate the company for the deterioration of the state of the goods. The subscriber undertakes to return the goods without any use and in the original packaging. Using the original packaging provides the best protection of the goods during transportation.

In the event that the goods are still accepted, HD Zona is entitled to compensation for the loss of 30% of the purchase price of the goods, as well as the right to compensation for the revealed damages or depreciation of the goods. Compensation for loss is calculated based on the purchase price of the goods. If the subscriber does not agree with the claimed loss amounts, it is in his will to prove that the loss is less significant. The cancellation of the order is also impossible if the electrical goods have been clearly handled, which is not provided during normal use.

Payment is refunded within 5 days after receipt of the goods.

In the event that the subscriber uses his right to return and cancel the order, HD Zona has the right to withhold the order amount until the goods are received.

The dispatch costs and the return of the goods are not from the Buyer.